Nokia N-Gage

The N-Gage QD was a handheld game console and smartphone released by Nokia in 2004. It was a redesign of the first N-Gage, being smaller and rounder. The cartridge slot was relocated from behind the battery to the bottom of the device. The earpiece was also moved to the front of the device instead of the side. Some features from the original system such as MP3 playback, FM radio reception and USB connectivity were removed from the new device to reduce size and cost. The newer N-Gage no longer supported three GSM frequency bands 900/1800/1900; instead it came in two dual-band variants, one for the American market and another for the European and Asian markets.

The N-Gage QD ran the same Symbian OS v6.0 as it's predecessor, despite Symbian OS v7.0 already being released on other smartphones.

Our N-Gage QD is the European/Asian variant. The label 'Test Device EMEA/APAC' refers to the Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia/Pacific market regions.

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