Teleng Colourstars TV Game Console

The history of domestic video games starts in the 70s. Most people did not play video games at home because the consoles were not cheap or widely distributed. Also there was a nerdy social stigma associated with playing computer games, so the genre was on the fringes of "normal” behaviour for some time.

However by the end of the 70s cheaper consoles were starting to come out and gain popularity. The Atari console was the top of the range solution for most average families but a popular console was the cheaper rebranded Teleng Colourstars console during 1979.
The console came with a Ball/paddle cartridge which was a kind of pong plus. It had tennis, solo tenis, shooting, football, car and both car and motorcycle racing oin cartridges.

Our machine has two hand controls and is in very good condition

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