Binatone Colour TV Game MK 10 Model 01/4842

This pong is one of the many Binatone systems. As its name indicates, it offers 10 games : 8 pong games (basket 1, basket 2, gridball, squash 1, squash 2, football, tennis, ice hockey) and 2 shooting games (target 1, target 2). It is the last Binatone pong marketed and the most evoluated one.

Game selection is made through 10 individual push buttons. The two detachable controllers are composed of an analog joystick and a fire button. They can be stored in slide-in compartments located on both sides of the case. The shape of this plastic case is fairly common and many pongs can be found with the same design. Shooting games are played directly with the analog joysticks.

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